Mr. James Dunlap was our realtor that helped us close on our dream house last month. We didn't look long, just at our house and the driveway of another property and I kind of thought his job was kind of easy for a minute. Nope, about five minutes into preparing to make an offer and I realized that Mr. James was our new best friend. He helped us in every way to get the best possible price, to find out everything we could about the property, and to make sure that we were going to be able to move right away. He gave us fantastic advice at every turn, and he was Johnny on the spot about getting back to us no matter when, what, or how often I contacted him. We definitely put him to work during the month of closing but even my husband, who is never entirely satisfied with anyone, was super pleased with how much Mr. James did to take care of us. It's taken me too long to write you to compliment him, but he totally deserves a huge pat on the back! - Megan Beck